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Welcome to Trillium Tarot!

Welcome, and thank you for visiting my website! This is intended to be a resource that I wish I’d been able to find “back in the day”.

This site has greatly expanded since its inception. I had originally planned for it to be my own personal reference, but it now includes articles, tips, a livestream calendar, and shopping information.

I’m also surprised at how many videos I’ve uploaded to my YouTube channel. I’ve organized the videos into various playlists, but I’ve also been keeping up with organizational tables here on my site. You can easily find your desired tarot deck, Lenormand deck, oracle deck, or kipper deck (as long as I’ve done a video of it!).

Since this whole project initially started with a compilation of my own tarot notes, I have also uploaded my Trillium Tarot Quick Reference Guide to Etsy, where it is available for instant download. You can see a video walk-through of the Quick Reference Guide on the right-hand side of every page of the site.

Please do spend some time browsing the information currently published and keep an eye out for new articles in the future.


Welcome to Trillium Tarot!