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Tarot Decks

This table should provide you with a fast and easy to filter for your desired topic within my YouTube “Show-and-Tell” videos, specifically related to tarot decks.

I’m sorting them by deck/book name, creator / artist / author name, and the link to the show-and-tell video on my YouTube channel.

If you don’t yet see live hyperlinks on a specific tarot deck, be patient – if it’s listed below, I’m working on it. I will update the table as I clear my “to-do” list.

The blog posts will also include direct links to the products (see my Affiliate Disclosure here).


Deck NameAuthor / ArtistYouTube Video or Additional Notes
5-Cent TarotMadam ClaraYouTube Video - 5-Cent Tarot
After TarotPietro Alligo, Corrine Kenner, Giulia Francesca MassagliaYouTube Video - After Tarot
Alchemy 1977 TarotStudioYouTube Video - Alchemy 1977 Tarot
Alpaca TarotQuynh TranYouTube Video - Alpaca Tarot
Amber TarotLife Spirit TeamYouTube Video - Amber Tarot
Animal Totem TarotLeeza Robertson, Eugene SmithYouTube Video - Animal Totem Tarot
Arcanum TarotRenata LechnerYouTube Video - Arcanum Tarot
Baroque TarotLa Muci DesignYouTube Video - Baroque Tarot
Before TarotCorrine Kenner, Eon and Simona RossiYouTube Video - Before Tarot
Black Cats TarotMaria CuaraYouTube Video - Black Cats Tarot
Black Light TarotTarot CollectiblesYouTube Video - Black Light Tarot
Blooming Cat TarotJen BrownYouTube Video - Blooming Cat Tarot
Book of Shadows Tarot (As Above)Barbara MooreYouTube Video - Book of Shadows (As Above)
Book of Shadows Tarot (So Below)Barbara MooreYouTube Video - Book of Shadows (So Below)
Botanica Oculta TarotDark SynevyrYouTube Video - Botanica Oculta Tarot
Brush TarotMate HoronumberYouTube Video - Brush Tarot
Buckland Romani TarotLissanne Lake, Raymond BucklandYouTube Video - Buckland Romani Tarot
Canis Arcanae TarotTaylor Bryn Hultquist-ToddYouTube Video - Canes Arcanae Tarot
Capybarot TarotScribalistYouTube Video - Capybarot Tarot
Cat TarotMegan Lynn KottYouTube Video - Cat Tarot
Cats Rule the Earth TarotCatherine Davidson, Thiago CorreaYouTube Video - Cats Rule the Earth Tarot
Celtic TarotGiacinto Gaudenzi, Saverio TenutaYouTube Video - Celtic Tarot
Centennial TarotPamela Coleman SmithYouTube Video - Smith-Waite Centennial Tarot
Chakra Wisdom TarotTori HartmanYouTube Video - Chakra Wisdom Tarot
Children's TarotLele LuzzatiYouTube Video - Children's Tarot
Chrysalis TarotToney Brooks, Holly SiennaYouTube Video - Chrysalis Tarot
Chubby Bun Tarot V 2Mate Horonumber, Oomsin Phumphat,YouTube Video - Chubby Bun Tarot V2
Cosmic Coven TarotRipe Avocado WitchYouTube Video - Cosmic Coven Tarot
Crooked Cat TarotSam SawyerYouTube Video - Crooked Cat Tarot
Crow TarotM.J. CullinaneYouTube Video - Crow Tarot
Dali TarotJohannes FiebigYouTube Video - Dali Tarot
Darkness of Light Tarot (4th Edition)Tony DiMauroYouTube Video - Darkness of Light Tarot
Diary of Cats TarotTriple MYouTube Video - Diary of Cats Tarot
Divine and Play TarotMatt GreenYouTube Video - Divine and Play Tarot
Divine Deco TarotGerta Oparaku EgyYouTube Video - Divine Deco Tarot
Dot Drawing TarotMystical UniverseYouTube Video - Dot Drawing Tarot
Dream of Nile TarotEmma ZhangYouTube Video - Dream of Nile Tarot
Dreams of Gaia TarotRavynne PhelanYouTube Video - Dreams of Gaia Tarot
Dream Vision TarotEmma ZhangYouTube Video - Dream Vision Tarot
Edgar Allan Poe TarotRose Wright, Eugene SmithYouTube Video - Edgar Allan Poe Tarot
Egyptian Art Nouveau TarotGiulia Francesca MassagliaYouTube Video - Egyptian Art Nouveau Tarot
Elemental Goddess TarotKaira Sherman, Mariah LanderYouTube Video - Elemental Goddess Tarot
Elemental Wisdom TarotGracjana Zielinska, Lukasz SienkiewiczYouTube Video - Elemental Wisdom Tarot
Encore TarotCiro MarchettiYouTube Video - Encore Tarot
Essential TarotChloe Zarka GrinsnirYouTube Video - Essential Tarot
Ethereal Visions TarotMatt HughesYouTube Video - Ethereal Visions Tarot
Everyday Witch TarotDeborah Blake, Elisabeth AlbaYouTube Video - Everyday Witch
Fae and the Ferns TarotSamantha SawyerYouTube Video - Fae and the Ferns Tarot
Faery Wicca TarotKisma StepanichYouTube Video - Faery Wicca Tarot
Fenestra TarotChatriyaYouTube Video - Fenestra Tarot
Florana TarotJames FerryYouTube Video - Florana Tarot
Forhaxa TarotMJ CullinaneYouTube Video - Forhaxa Tarot
Fortunate Frogs TarotWackyDoodleDevonYouTube Video - Fortunate Frogs Tarot
Gaian TarotJoanna Powell ColbertYouTube Video - Gaian Tarot
Game of Thrones TarotLiz Dean, Craig CossYouTube Video - Game of Thrones Tarot
Gift of Divine TarotLisa SantineYouTube Video - Gifts of the Divine Tarot
Gilded Tarot (the Original Version)Ciro MarchettiYouTube Video - Gilded Tarot (the ORIGINAL)
Gilded Tarot RoyaleCiro MarchettiYouTube Video - Gilded Tarot Royale
Glory to Ukraine TarotSestry Feldman, Pentagram PublishingYouTube Video - Glory to Ukraine Tarot
Golden Art Nouveau TarotGiulia MassagliaYouTube Video - Golden Art Nouveau Tarot
Golden Black Cat TarotHelena de AlmeidaYouTube Video - Golden Black Cat Tarot
Golden Dawn TarotRobert WangYouTube Video - Golden Dawn Tarot
Green Witch TarotAnn MouraYouTube Video - Green Witch Tarot
Groovy Waite Stars EditionTarot CollectiblesYouTube Video - Groovy Waite Tarot: Stars Edition
Guardian of the Night TarotM.J. CullinaneYouTube Video - Guardian of the Night Tarot
Harmony TarotDark Forest TarotYouTube Video - Harmony Tarot
Harmony TarotChristopher LeeYouTube Video - Harmony Tarot
Heaven and Earth TarotJack Sephiroth, Jaymi ElfordYouTube Video - Heaven and Earth Tarot
Hedgehog TarotUnknownYouTube Video - Hedgehog Tarot
Herbal TarotMichael TierraYouTube Video - Herbal Tarot
Herbcrafter's TarotLatisha Guthrie, Joanna Powell ColbertYouTube Video - Herbcrafter's Tarot
Hermetic TarotGodfrey DowsonYouTube Video - Hermetic Tarot
Hieronymous Bosch TarotTravis McHenryYouTube Video - Hieronymous Bosch Tarot
Housewives TarotPaul Kepple, Jude BuffumYouTube Video - Housewives Tarot
Illuminati Tarot: Keys of Secret SocietiesCasey DuHamel, Bob GrevensteinYouTube Video - Illuminati Tarot
Impressionist TarotArturo Picca, Corinne KennerYouTube Video - Impressionist Tarot
Initiatory Golden Dawn TarotGiordano Berti, Patrizio EvangelistiYouTube Video - Initiatory Golden Dawn Tarot
Intuitive Night Goddess TarotLinzi SilvermanYouTube Video - Intuitive Night Goddess Tarot
Joker TarotCorrado Roi, Pietro AlligoYouTube Video - Joker Tarot
Karmic Witch TarotLaura CoxYouTube Video - Karmic Witch Tarot
Knights Templar TarotFloreana Nativo, Franco RivolliYouTube Video - Knights Templar Tarot
Law of Attraction TarotMarina Roveda, Simone GabrielliYouTube Video - Law of Attraction Tarot
Legacy of the Divine TarotCiro MarchettiYouTube Video - Legacy of the Divine Tarot
Legend - the Arthurian TarotAnna-Marie FergusonYouTube Video - Legend: The Arthurian Tarot
Leonardo da Vinci TarotI. Ghiuselev, A. AtanassovYouTube Video - Leonardo da Vinci Tarot
Liber Florum TarotJen BrownYouTube Video - Liber Florum Tarot
Life Line TarotThomas of Hermit's MirrorYouTube Video - Life Line Tarot
Life is Like a Board Game TarotKrystal BannerYouTube Video - Life is Like a Board Game Tarot
Linescape Tarot: EvolutionDeckstinyYouTube Video - Linescape Tarot Evolution
Linestrider TarotSiolo ThompsonYouTube Video - Linestrider Tarot
Location TarotDeckstinyYouTube Video - Location Tarot
Lost Tarot of NostradamusJohn Matthews, Wil KinghanYouTube Video - Lost Tarot of Nostradamus
Luminous Void TarotLaura ZuspanYouTube Video - Luminous Void Tarot
Lustrous TarotDa BrighYouTube Video - Lustrous Tarot (with 20% Off code)
Magical Dogs TarotMickie Mueller, Daniel MuellerYouTube Video - Magical Dogs Tarot
Marchetti TarotCiro MarchettiYouTube Video - Marchetti Tarot
Masonic TarotPatricio Diaz SilvaYouTube Video - Masonic Tarot
Masonic Tarot MaconniqueJean BeauchardYouTube Video - Masonic Tarot Maconnique
MIMIT TarotEzd and Howl, Red Roots StudioYouTube Video - MIMIT Tarot
Mirror TarotBlue Budgie TarotYouTube Video - Mirror Tarot
Miss Cleo's Tarot Power DeckJ.F. Lambert, Seth StephensYouTube Video - Miss Cleo's Tarot Power Deck
Modern Spellcasters TarotMelanie Marquis, Scott MurphyYouTube Video - Modern Spellcaster's Tarot
Modern Witch TarotSterling EthosYouTube Video - Modern Witch Tarot
Mood TarotNatalie MerakiYouTube Video - Mood Tarot
Moon Magic TarotDark Forest TarotYouTube Video - Moon Magic Tarot
Morgan-Greer TarotWilliam Greer, Lloyd MorganYouTube Video - Morgan-Greer Tarot
Most Minimalist TarotFerroYouTube Video - Most Minimalist Tarot
Murder of Crows TarotCorrado Roi, Pietro AlligoYouTube Video - Murder of Crows Tarot
Mushroom Hunter's TarotJoe BuckleyYouTube Video - Mushroom Hunter's Tarot
Mystic Mondays TarotGrace DuongYouTube Video - Mystic Mondays Tarot
Mystic Palette Tarot (Special Edition - Full Color)Ciro MarchettiYouTube Video - Mystic Palette Tarot
Mystical Universe TarotMystical UniverseYouTube Video - Mystical Universe Tarot
Mythic TarotJuliet Sharman-BurkeYouTube Video - Mythic Tarot
Mythical Goddess TarotSage Holloway, Katherine SkaggsYouTube Video - Mythical Goddess Tarot
Neon Pam TarotTarot CollectiblesYouTube Video - Neon Pam Tarot
Neoteric Feminine TarotWyspellYouTube Video - Neoteric Feminine Tarot
New Babylonian TarotRoxana PaulYouTube Video - New Babylonian Tarot
NYC TarotMagickal MichelleYouTube Video - NYC Tarot
Oceanum ArcanaeTaylor BrynYouTube Video - Oceanum Arcanae
OK TarotAdam KurtzYouTube Video - OK Tarot
Olympus TarotManfredi Toraldo, Luca RaimondoYouTube Video - Olympus Tarot
One World TarotLena Rodriguez, Seanna Rose, June Rifkin, Alexandra FilipekYouTube Video - One World Tarot
Otherkin TarotSiolo ThompsonYouTube Video - Otherkin Tarot
Panda TarotSeverino BaraldiYouTube Video - Panda Tarot
Papus TarotPapus (Gerard Encausse), Gabriel Goulinat, Etteilla, Oliver StephaneYouTube Video - Papus Tarot
Pasta TarotJeff Petriello, Rob Truglia, Lindsay MoundYouTube Video - Pasta Tarot
Pawsome Cat TarotTriple MYouTube Video - Pawsome Cat Tarot
Pixie's Whisper TarotLoreen MuzikYouTube Video - Pixie's Whisper Tarot
Practical Magic TarotYouTube Video - Practical Magic Tarot
Pre-Raphaelite TarotLuigi CostaYouTube Video - Pre-Raphaelite Tarot
Prisma Visions TarotJames EadsYouTube Video - Prisma Visions Tarot
Psychedelic Space TarotTarot CollectiblesYouTube Video - Psychedelic Space Tarot
Pulp TarotTodd AlcottYouTube Video - Pulp Tarot
Ragnarok Sunset Sea Tarot DiceMysterious BalanceYouTube Video - Ragnarok Sunset Sea Tarot Dice
Ramses: Tarot of EternityGiordano Berti, Severino BaraldiYouTube Video - Ramses: Tarot of Eternity
Refine and Play TarotMatt GreenYouTube Video - Refine and Play Tarot
Retrospective TarotCiro MarchettiYouTube Video - Retrospective Tarot
Returning of Panthera TarotAstrologistYouTube Video - The Returning of Panthera Tarot
Return of the TarotRoy Huteson Stewart (RHSIllustrator)YouTube Video - Return of the Tarot
Robin Wood TarotRobin WoodYouTube Video - Robin Wood Tarot
Runic TarotJack Sephiroth, Zhang Chao, Jaymi ElfordYouTube Video - Runic Tarot
Russian Tarot of St. PetersburgYury Shakow, Yury ShakovYouTube Video - Russian Tarot of St. Petersburg
Rustic Fortune TarotRoxana PaulYouTube Video - Rustic Tarot
RWS Sketch Vintage TarotDark Forest TarotYouTube Video - RWS Sketch Vintage Tarot
Sawyer's Path Tarot (Full Color and Sketches) - Deluxe Box SetJamie SawyerYouTube Video - Sawyer's Path Tarot Deluxe Set
Sawyer's Path Tarot (Transitions Deck)Jamie SawyerYouTube Video - Sawyer's Path (Transitions Deck)
Seeking Soul TarotPastel MagickYouTube Video - Seeking Soul Tarot
Serpent and the Peacock (Art Edition)Libra Moon Inc.YouTube Video - Serpent and the Peacock Tarot
Shadow Play TarotMatt GreenYouTube Video - Shadow Play Tarot
Shadowscapes TarotStephanie Pui-Min LawYouTube Video - Shadowscapes Tarot
Shadowseeker TarotDanielle TrudeauYouTube Video - Shadowseeker Tarot
Shuffle Tarot ADeckstinyYouTube Video - Shuffle Tarot Collection A
Shuffle Tarot BDeckstinyYouTube Video - Shuffle Tarot Collection B
Silver Witchcraft TarotBarbara Moore, Franco RivolliYouTube Video - Silver Witchcraft Tarot
Spirit of Flowers TarotLaura Tuan, Antonella CastelliYouTube Video - Spirit of Flowers Tarot
Spiritsong TarotPaulina FaeYouTube Video - Spiritsong Tarot
Spirit Within TarotSteven BrightYouTube Video - Spirit Within Tarot
Spooky Halloween TarotTriple MYouTube Video - Spooky Halloween Tarot
Star Trek: The Animated Series TarotTelekiadYouTube Video - Star Trek: The Animated Series Tarot
Star Trek: TNG TarotTori Schafer, Nicky BarklaYouTube Video - Star Trek: TNG Tarot
Star Trek: The Original Series TarotTelekiadYouTube Video - Star Trek: The Original Series Tarot
Steampunk TarotBarbara MooreYouTube Video - Steampunk Tarot
Superlunaris TarotJacob Schaffer, Jess SchulerYouTube Video - Superlunaris Tarot
Supernatural TarotMinerva SiegelYouTube Video - Supernatural Tarot
Tarot AssembledJennifer Cooper SteidleyYouTube Video - Tarot Assembled
Tarot CatsAna JuanYouTube Video - Tarot Cats
Tarot DecoratifCiro MarchettiYouTube Video - Tarot Decoratif
Tarot Dice of MarseillesDelphic DiceYouTube Video - Tarot Dice of Marseilles
Tarot DisassembledJennifer Cooper SteidleyYouTube Video - Tarot Disassembled
Tarot FamiliarsLisa Parker, Lo ScarabeoYouTube Video - Tarot Familiars
Tarot GalsChristopher LeeYouTube Video - Tarot Gals
Tarot Grand LuxeCiro MarchettiYouTube Video - Tarot Grand Luxe
Tarot IlluminatiErik C.Dunne, Kim HuggensYouTube Video - Tarot Illuminati
Tarot Leaves (House Plant Tarot)Rachael JonesYouTube Video - Tarot Leaves
Tarot of Ceremonial MagickLon Milo DuQuetteYouTube Video - Tarot of Ceremonial Magick
Tarot of DreamsCiro MarchettiYouTube Video - Tarot of Dreams
Tarot of MetamorphosisMassimiliano Filadoro, Luigi di GiammarinoYouTube Video - Tarot of Metamorphosis
Tarot of Ink and OilM.S. BuyckYouTube Video - Tarot of Ink and Oil
Tarot of the Animal LordsAngelo GianniniYouTube Video - Tarot of the Animal Lords
Tarot of the Hidden RealmJulia Jeffrey, Barbara MooreYouTube Video - Tarot of the Hidden Realm
Tarot of the Old PathSylvia GainsfordYouTube Video - Tarot of the Old Path
Tarot of the Witch's GardenSasha Graham, Natasa IlincicYouTube Video - Tarot of the Witch's Garden
Tarot of OppositionsPierluca Zizzi, Michele D'AloisioYouTube Video - Tarot of Oppositions
Tarot of the PiratesBepi Vigna, Michele Benevento, Arturo PiccaYouTube Video - Tarot of the Pirates
Tarot of the SorceressBerengere DemoncyYouTube Video - Tarot of the Sorceress
Tarot of the Tranceno author listedYouTube Video - Tarot of the Trance
Tarot of TreesDana O'DriscollYouTube Video - Tarot of Trees
Tarot of the White CatsSeverino BaraldiYouTube Video - Tarot of White Cats
TarotorialPamela Coe
YouTube Video - Tarotorial
Tarot WarsRoy Huteson Stewart (RHSIllustrator)YouTube Video - Tarot Wars
Terra ArcanaeTaylor BrynYouTube Video - Terra Arcanae
Thelema TarotRenata LechnerYouTube Video - Thelema Tarot
The Lost TarotHansjurgen BauerYouTube Video - The Lost Tarot
Token Tarot (Eclipse Edition)Erin TaylorYouTube Video - Token Tarot (Eclipse Edition)
Tower Takeover TarotKaylani PerishoYouTube Video - Tower Takeover Tarot
Trash Panda TarotJ Starling DukehartYouTube Video - Trash Panda Tarot
Triple Goddess TarotJaymi Elford, Franco RivolliYouTube Video - Triple Goddess Tarot
Trippin' Waite Tarot (Borderless Edition)Tarot CollectiblesYouTube Video - Trippin' Waite Tarot
Trippin' Waite Tarot ("Trippin' Extras" Cards - Not a Full Deck, but FUN)Tarot CollectiblesYouTube Video - Trippin' Waite Extra Cards
United States of TarotElena Lee McCuneYouTube Video - United States of Tarot
Unofficial Vulcan TarotT'Kay ReynoldsYouTube Video - Unofficial Vulcan Tarot
Unseen World TarotMantas Dav, Vytaute DavYouTube Video - Unseen World Tarot
Unseen World Tarot (Casablanca Edition)Mantas Dav, Vytaute DavYouTube Video - Unseen World Tarot (Casablanca Edition)
Violet Soul TarotUliana Prokopiv, Elizaveta EliseevaYouTube Video - Violet Soul Tarot
Voice & Vision TarotCiro MarchettiYouTube Video - Voice and Vision Tarot
Way of the Panda TarotKimberly TsanYouTube Video - Way of the Panda Tarot
Wheel of the Year TarotMaria Caratti, Antonella Platano, Lo ScarabeoYouTube Video - Wheel of the Year Tarot
Wildwood TarotMark Ryan, John Matthews, Will WorthingtonYouTube Video - Wildwood Tarot
Winter Waite (Glitter Edition)Tarot CollectiblesYouTube Video - Winter Waite (Glitter Edition)
Wisdom of Pooh TarotSerefina Mesa, Angel Mesa, Kat AmselYouTube Video - Wisdom of Pooh Tarot
Wise Dog TarotM.J. CullinaneYouTube Video - Wise Dog Tarot
Witches TarotEllen DuganYouTube Video - Witches Tarot
Witchy TarotLaura Tuan, Antonella PlatanoYouTube Video - Witchy Tarot
World of Hilda TarotReese MarrenYouTube Video - World of Hilda Tarot
Word Cloud TarotAdam (with Happy Toast)YouTube Video - Word Cloud Tarot (Happy Toast Deck)
Yarn TarotKatie PonderYouTube Video - Yarn Tarot
Yuletide TarotKristoffer Hughes, Erin O'Leary BrownYouTube Video - Yuletide Tarot