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Lenormand Decks

Once I feel more comfortable with tarot, I plan to study Lenormand.

I already have three books (The Essential Lenormand: Your Guide to Precise & Practical Fortunetelling by Rana George, The Complete Lenormand Oracle Handbook by Caitlin Matthews, and The Art of Lenormand Reading: Decoding Powerful Messages by Alexandre Musruck). I also have some decks that I’ll eventually share via video… but that’s a bit into the future.

For those who may be new to this system of divination, Becca does an excellent job of explaining the basics as she begins all (most?) of the videos. They’re really quite informative, and are just enough to tease your interest.

I’ve gone back and made a list of the dates that Becca uploaded her GT (Grand Tableau) videos, as well as the topic on that date. I hyperlinked directly to the specific YouTube video.

You can find the list of her Grand Tableaus on another page of my site here.

I hope you enjoy browsing these as much as I do! If you enjoy the Grand Tableau videos, check out the others on her YouTube channel and subscribe to receive notifications of when she is live.

Becca also posts other videos, so if you’d like to watch something that takes less time than a GT, you’ll have plenty to choose from.

This table should provide you with a fast and easy to filter for your desired topic within my YouTube “Show-and-Tell” videos, specifically related to Lenormand decks.

I’m sorting them by deck/book name (with a link to the specific blog post about that deck if one exists), artist (or author) name, and the link to the show-and-tell video (if it exists).

If you don’t yet see live hyperlinks on a specific deck, be patient – if it’s listed below, I’m working on it. I will update the table as I clear my “to-do” list.

The blog posts will also include direct links to the products (see my Affiliate Disclosure here).


Deck Name (Click for Blog Post)Author / ArtistAdditional Notes
Alexandre Musruck LenormandAlexandre MusruckYouTube Video - Alexandre Musruck Lenormand
Carmela LenormandUnknownYouTube Video - Carmela Lenormand
Celtic LenormandChloe McCracken, Will WorthingtonYouTube Video - Celtic Lenormand
Dreaming LenormandLa Muci DesignYouTube Video - Dreaming Lenormand
Gilded Reverie LenormandCiro MarchettiYouTube Video - Gilded Reverie Lenormand
Golden Dreams LenormandTarocco StudioYouTube Video - Golden Dreams Lenormand
Healing Light LenormandChristopher ButlerYouTube Video - Healing Light Lenormand
Lavender LenormandLoreen MuzikYouTube Video - Lavender Lenormand
LEARNormandLoreen MuzikYouTube Video - LEARNormand
Lenormand of EnchantmentKalliope Haratsidis, Yasmeen WestwoodYouTube Video - Lenormand of Enchantment
Lilac & Cherry Twilight LenormandBerenikaYouTube Video - Lilac & Cherry Twilight Lenormand
Lustrous LenormandCiro MarchettiYouTube Video - Lustrous Lenormand
Mirror Truth LenormandSilvia NeitznerYouTube Video - Mirror Truth Lenormand
Old Gods LenormandZiaFoxStudiosYouTube Video - Old Gods Lenormand
Pia LenormandLa Muci DesignYouTube Video - Pia Lenormand
Pixie's Astounding LenormandEdmund ZebrowskiYouTube Video - Pixie's Astounding Lenormand
Pixie's Whisper LenormandLoreen MuzikYouTube Video - Pixie's Whisper Lenormand
Rana George LenormandRana GeorgeYouTube Video - Rana George Lenormand
Revival Art LenormandTarocco StudioYouTube Video - Revival Art Lenormand
Sawyer's LenormandJamie SawyerYouTube Video - Sawyer's Lenormand
Stained Glass Wicca LenormandIneta FuigeYouTube Video - Stained Glass Wicca Lenormand
Thelema LenormandRenata LechnerYouTube Video - Thelema Lenormand
Tiny Timber LenormandModern ConjureYouTube Video - Tiny Timber Lenormand
World of Hilda LenormandReese MarrenYouTube Video - World of Hilda Lenormand