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Lena – Lena Rodriguez Tarot Down Under

Lena (of Lena Rodriguez Tarot Down Under) is an always welcome addition to group livestream events. She also uploads her own individual readings every few days – she has even been known to do readings while globetrotting to the four corners of the earth.

As a sociologist and an Australian, Dr. Lena brings a unique perspective to her readings on worldwide events, which I find to be enjoyable.

Lena does sometimes participate in the variety of group livestream events. See the Calendar for regularly scheduled events.

Lena Rodriguez Tarot Down Under

Lena has a tarot deck coming out, co-created with Seanna! It is available for pre-order on Amazon (the current publication date is posted as October 4, 2022).

Lena Rodriguez - One World Tarot on Amazon

Lena is one of the readers who does do individual (personal) readings. You can reach her at Lena.Rodriguez.tarot (at) gmail (dot) com.

I am quoting the information from Lena’s “About” section of her YouTube channel (Tarot Down Under) below.

I am a sociologist and bring together sociological insights and tarot to look at world events. I hope you find this entertaining.

If you wish to make donations in order to support her YouTube channel, she does have a PayPal account set up for just this purpose (

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