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Johnie – Tarot’s Apprentice

Johnie (Tarot’s Apprentice) is a popular tarot reader who participates in (and hosts) both group and individual livestreams. He also uploads individual videos to his YouTube channel (see the Calendar for regularly scheduled livestream events).

When he gets the giggles, I’m fairly certain that you’ll be laughing right alongside him. When he falls off the chair, you may as well resign yourself to the fact that you’re doing some inadvertent abdominal work for the next fifteen minutes or so.

Johnie - Tarot's Apprentice (Halloween 2021)
Johnie’s Halloween Costume 2021

He periodically teaches Beginner Tarot classes (see the Upcoming Classes page for current schedule). You can email him for information on his upcoming classes or to register. His email address is tarotsapprentice (at) gmail (dot) com.

I took Johnie’s inaugural Beginner Tarot class because I already knew that I enjoyed his process of reading on his videos and livestreams. I had a bit of a head-start, because I knew that he explains cards in a way that makes sense to me. I had already learned an incredible amount simply by watching his shows, so I jumped at the opportunity for the actual classes.

They did not disappoint. The class was a natural extension of his personality and process, but this time I had the bonus of a significantly more complete explanation. His classes are structured in a logical, yet flexible manner. We had a specific assigned number of cards (or an entire suit) to cover, and he shared the meanings and symbolism behind those cards. Then, from the very first class, he started to show us how to start practicing with our spreads – which forced us to actually apply the information that we learned, rather than retaining it as theoretical answers to trivia questions.

He is a patient teacher, answering all questions because he recognizes that “we all start somewhere”. At no point did he make us feel foolish for asking for clarification or for rabbit-trailing into a brand new questions.

Can you tell that I highly recommend his class?

I have posted his tentative class start date on my Online Tarot Classes Page and on my Calendar Page, but you can email him for information at tarotsapprentice (at) gmail (dot) com.

I was doing a Google search to see if he has a website that I can reference (or possibly steal information for my own website, lol), and I about fell out of my chair when I discovered that there is an IMDB entry for his Tarot’s Apprentice channel on YouTube! Check it out here.

He does have merchandise available at his online store, as well as tarot class videos available on Patreon.

I wasn’t familiar with Patreon until recently, but it is a subscription program that provides videos that are uploaded from their creators. Johnie gave us a tip about Patreon – they bill every 1st of the month. I’ll give you an example. If you subscribe on March 20th, you will pay the fee for the entire month of March on the 20th. And then you will be charged again on April 1st for the entire month of April. So a word to the wise – make sure you give yourself enough time to view the videos on your desired topic or from your desired instructor.

I am quoting the information from his YouTube channel (Tarot’s Apprentice) below.

For the purpose of entertainment, don’t get bent out of shape because we don’t think the same.

Dare to share the space we call Earth with someone who doesn’t agree.

Remember – there are no bad days, only bad moments; be grateful for ANYTHING you have and EVERYTHING you don’t!

Loudly Dream, Softly Be

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