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I want to add a couple of freebie items – one for your perusal (sample of Quick Reference Guide) and the other as a free download (tarot flash cards) if you’d like it.

Sample Document

I’ve put together a sampler of my Tarot Quick Reference Guide, which is available for purchase and instant download on my Etsy shop. In the sample, I included the full table of contents and grabbed a few other non-sequential pages from within the document. I know that it looks a bit scattered, but I wanted to show the hyperlinks and how the pages are set up.

Note that the hyperlinks are not live in this sample document – I had to deactivate them for this image, but they are fully functional in the Etsy document.

It’s designed for easily and quickly referring to different sections, depending on whether you are looking for card meanings, symbolism, etc.

You can browse the sample PDF below and then proceed to the free “flash cards” under the document.

Free Flash Cards

The second item seems rather silly to have as a free download, but it is designed to be printed front and back on the same piece of paper. Well, on seven pieces of paper, if we’re being precise about it. Then cut along the dotted lines and you have some small (and admittedly flimsy) “flash cards”. That way you can test your knowledge of the keywords for each card. Granted, there are certainly more keywords than those I’ve included on this sheet, but hey – it’s a space limitation thing.

Click the image and download the PDF. Then print your free cards with a happy heart! I haven’t put together a quiz for you, but you get the idea. I wish you happy days of flash-carding like a tarot master.

Free Tarot Flash Card Download
Download – Tarot Flash Cards

Both of these documents started out as a compilation of my own notes from tarot classes and other studies. They certainly aren’t designed to be the ultimate tarot resource – just some mental “hooks” that may help you to remember the meanings behind the iconic images. If you’ve spent any amount of time looking into tarot, you know that the internet and other stores are piled high with books on the topic. Most decks also come with their own LWB (or “little white book”) containing information about the images and the interpretation of the artist/author.

When I took my tarot classes, I did not learn card reversals, so I definitely want to make sure you’re aware that the key words (at least on the flash cards) are intended to be the standard upright position.

If you choose to use reversals in your readings, have at it! Personally, I agree with my teachers who said that the meanings of 78 cards are enough to learn (especially when starting). When factoring in reversals, that doubles to 156 card meanings that you need to learn. I believe that there is enough information on the cards themselves, and my job is to see how the cards relate to each other in the spread and how they may influence or nuance those around them.

Wow, I didn’t mean for that to be such a long paragraph – sorry about that!

Keep in mind that these keywords are just a starting point. I would suggest that you learn the basics first but be aware that the meanings may change as you get into actually doing spreads and interpreting the results. The position in the spread can directly influence the meaning – for example, it may take on a more negative connotation if in a “warning” position or surrounded by more negative cards.

I hope you enjoy the little freebies and find them useful!

Freebies for All!