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Favorite YouTube Readers

A friend of mine encouraged me to watch a couple of readers on YouTube (thanks, Karen!), and my subscription list has expanded from there. 

I first started out watching recorded videos, but then decided to set myself notifications for livestream events. In order to make my life (and yours) easier, I created a calendar page on my website, where you can see the weekly scheduled events and the planned channel.

Be aware that while the calendar reflects the “master plan” for scheduling, I won’t be able to update the calendar if there is an illness or a last-minute reshuffling of the event.

If you are patiently waiting for an event to open (but seems to be running behind schedule), I would suggest that you visit the channel’s “Community” page. That forum is where the readers ask for suggestions about questions and is also the easiest way for them to communicated updates or changes.

Please check out these channels, “like” their videos, and subscribe for alerts of new uploads and/or live events. 

The picture above shows Jenn Lynn, Becca, and Johnie during a Sunday night event last fall. It’s always a good time!

I’ve listed some of my favorites in the table below, as well as links to their YouTube channels and their individual Trillium Tarot pages (which contain more information about them, what they do, how to contact them, etc.). Some of them do individual readings, while others do not. Some offer classes, while others do not.

Be aware that depending on the channel (and the day), you may hear some salty language, so prepare yourself. I find it hysterical but figured you may like to know in advance.

As always, the opinions of the individual YouTube readers are his/her/their own.

Name (Click for Info)YouTube ChannelSpecialty
AdrianRed Lentil HealingTarot Readings, Oracle Readings, Products
AutumnBlack & Orange Tarot & AstrologyTarot Readings, Astrology
Becca House of LenormandLenormand Readings
Jenn LynnJenn Lynn TarotTarot Readings, Oracle Readings
JohnieTarot's ApprenticeTarot Readings, Oracle Readings, Rune Readings, Tarot Classes
LenaLena Rodriguez Tarot Down UnderTarot Readings
LoriThe Way of Positive ChangeTarot Readings, Tarot Classes
SeannaSeanna Rose MetaphysicalTarot Readings, Oracle Readings
ToniShining Hawk HealingTarot Readings, Oracle Readings