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Adrian – Red Lentil Healing

Adrian (Red Lentil Healing) is a frequent participant in (and rotating host of) extremely entertaining and insightful group livestreams (see Calendar for details about scheduled events). She also hosts her own regular events and uploads individual videos to enjoy on YouTube.

For those of you who have not yet had the opportunity to watch the events live, I do encourage you to go back and watch some of the recordings on YouTube. Adrian is very insightful and her messages speak to the core of the issue, but she also has a side of her that is most decidedly a wise-a… uh… “wiseacre”. You will likely laugh until the tears run down your leg, especially when she has to mute her own self (and go off-camera) because she’s belly-laughing so hard. The readers definitely egg each other on, so the conversation does sometimes go completely off track, but they manage to salvage it somehow in the end.

Adrian - Red Lentil Healing

Adrian’s information is available both on her website and on her YouTube channel.

She does have products available, so visit her website and browse through her available oils, candles, lotions, and sprays!

You can also schedule a personal reading or healing appointment on her website.

I do encourage you to spend some time browsing her site, and am quoting information from her site below

From her “Home” page:

Red Lentil Healing aims to demystify the energy healing experience, welcoming new-comers and seasoned clients.

We are based on the three principles of love based on the Buddhist tradition: Sama-kAma-muditA: Peace, Love, Joy.

Each of our amazing bodies has the ability to heal itself. Energy work can help our bodies heal through non-invasive, traditional practices. It treats physical and emotional symptoms of disease and illness. Energy healing is recognized by energy workers and medical professionals as a viable source of healing.

Why the name Red Lentil Healing? Because everyone loves lentils. They’re healthy, red, and a good source of physical and mental fuel. Why the color red? Red is a power color, the foundational color in many spiritual practices, and most importantly, red is the color of the Muladhara (root Chakra) which is the foundation of our energy system.

From her “About” page:

My name is Adrian. I am an intuitive, empath, and energy healer. I’m a trained Reiki Master & teacher, Shamanic healer, and tarot reader. I’ve dedicated years of my life studying various forms of energy work, facilitating safe and effective healing practices. I offer tarot readings, Reiki and Shamanic energy healing, guided sound meditation, and mediumship.

My approach is simple; I listen to your body (energy), your speech (words) and your intentions (everything unspoken) to align and re-charge your Chakra system.

Let’s work on your healing journey together. I truly cherish the shining light and beautiful energy in each and every one of you.


Energy Work (spirit)

Shamanic Life Coach – Transformation Services (2021)

Grief Reiki Practitioner – Grief Reiki Healing Program (2020)

Licensed Reiki healer/practitioner -NCBTMB Massage Therapy license, (2015)

Reiki Master and Teacher  Usui Ryoho Reiki “SHINPIDEN”(2017)

Mindfulness therapy (mind)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Practitioner -Achology (2018)

Physical health (Body)

Nutritionist – NAFC certified nutritional specialist (2015)

I’ll also quote information from her YouTube channel (Red Lentil Healing) below.

My name is Adrian; I am an intuitive, and Reiki Master healer. This channel is dedicated to all things beautiful and healing, and some political tarot too (for entertainment purposes only).

Red Lentil Healing aims to demystify the energy healing experience. We are based on the three principles of love based on the Buddhist tradition: Sama-kAma-muditA: Peace, Love, Joy. Enjoy and Namaste!

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