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Kipper Decks

Kipper is a system that’s similar to Lenormand in some ways, but it involves very different cards and symbolism.

This is another item that’s on my “Studying Wish List”, and I already have one book and a couple of decks.

The book is The Art of Kipper Reading: Decoding Powerful Messages, by Alexandre Musruck.

My first Kipper deck EVER was the Fin de Siecle Kipper, by Ciro Marchetti. I do love Marchetti decks, so I was excited to see this one.

Since I ordered the book by Alexandre Musruck, I did go ahead and order the Kipper Oracle Cards that he designed.

This table should provide you with a fast and easy to filter for your desired topic in order to find articles and/or videos specifically related to Kipper decks.

I’m sorting them by deck/book name (with a link to the specific blog post about that deck if one exists), artist (or author) name, and the link to the show-and-tell video (if it exists).

If you don’t yet see live hyperlinks on a specific deck, be patient – if it’s listed below, I’m working on it. I will update the table as I clear my “to-do” list.

The blog posts will also include direct links to the products (see my Affiliate Disclosure here).


Deck Name (Click for Blog Post)Author / ArtistYouTube Video
Fin de Seicle KipperCiro MarchettiYouTube Video - Fin de Siecle Kipper
Alexandre Musruck KipperAlexandre MusruckYouTube Video - Alexandre Musruck Kipper (Cards and Book)