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Seanna – Seanna Rose Metaphysical

Seanna (Seanna Rose Metaphysical) regularly participates in and hosts Friday Night with Friends (see Calendar for details of upcoming events). She also frequently uploads videos of mediumship readings from various individuals.

She is the author of a coloring book – 30 Days of Positive Thinking (available on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble).

30 Days of Positive Thinking - Seanna Rose

Seanna also has a new deck coming out, co-created with Lena Rodriguez. The title is One World Tarot, and it can be pre-ordered on Amazon here.

I sent Seanna an email to see if she would be interested in including additional information on her page. She kindly sent a reply, so I’ll share the information here.

Q: How long have you been reading? A: Since 2018. Has it been four years already?!

Q: How did you get started? A: I was trying to learn Tarot, uploading videos here and there to record my progress. I had come across a few popular readers on YouTube and found that I liked their readings a lot. Jenn Lynn Tarot was one of them, and she and a few others helped me to learn Tarot and get my channel to where it is now.

Q: Do you do personal readings? If so, method of scheduling? A: I do offer personal readings! I do Tarot, medium readings, and Reiki healing. The fees and booking instructions are listed on my website,

Q: Do you sell merchandise? If so, where? A: I have a colouring book called 30 Days of Positive Thinking. It is available online at Barnes & Noble and Amazon US.

Q: Do you give classes? If so, how frequently, and how to students sign up? A: At the moment, I am still working on developing a Reiki course. It’s almost done, but I will let you know when it’s ready.

Q: Do you have public social media profiles that you’d like to link? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.? A: Aside from YouTube, you can find me on Instagram @seannarosemetaphysical and you can find me lurking around r/reiki as u/seannarosemeta on Reddit.

Q: Do you have a Patreon site? Link? A: Not Patreon, but PayPal. The link is

I’m quoting the information from her YouTube channel below.

I’m Seanna, and I’m a Tarot reader, Reiki Master, and Psychic medium.

Welcome to my channel, I’m glad you’re here!

My videos are for entertainment purposes; take what I say with as many grains of salt as you need.


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