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Some of my favorite readers also teach online tarot classes. I’ll list them here as I become aware of them, so that you can sign up or reserve your place in the class. In my experience so far, the classes have been either seven or eight weeks in length and include both the regular class instruction as well as an additional “practice session” during each week. If you would like to learn tarot, either of these options would be a great place to start.

The two separate class series I’ve taken have been recorded, so if you are unable to attend one for some reason, you should be able to access the recordings to watch the virtual class, so you don’t fall behind.

This would be an excellent thing to do with a group of friends!

Johnie’s Tarot Classes

Johnie (Tarot’s Apprentice) has a Beginner Tarot Class scheduled to begin on June 2, 2023. His beginner tarot class focuses on card meanings and some basic spreads. No numerology or astrology in this class – just the basics. This was perfect for me, because I would have felt overwhelmed if I’d had too much information thrown at me at once.

I took Johnie’s very first virtual tarot class, and definitely recommend it! His class is specifically designed with the beginner in mind, so it covers basic card meanings and some starter spreads. He deliberately does not incorporate in-depth information about astrology or numerology, although he briefly mentions both. If you are a beginner (or even if you are a seasoned reader and would like to refresh your information or possibly pick up new information from an established YouTube reader), you would definitely benefit from this class.

For additional information and to reserve your spot, email Johnie at tarotsapprentice (at) gmail (dot) com. Per his request, do not pay him for the class yet – this email is simply an indication of interest to plan class size, etc. He will let you know when registration is formally open, as well as how to send payment.

Lori’s Tarot Classes

Lori (The Way of Positive Change) also teaches classes.

I took Lori’s beginner tarot class, and she is currently teaching a class (January 2023). I’ll update as she releases more information about future classes. In the meantime, you can reach out to her for more information at her email address below.

Lori also covers basic information about the cards, and she spends a lot of time focusing on the Celtic Cross spread. This is the most well-known of the spreads – it’s a big one involving ten cards, each of which holds a specific meaning depending on where it falls within the spread. We’ve just had our third class, so I’m really curious to see where this goes in the future.

Incidentally, I took Lori’s crystals class immediately following the beginner tarot class, and I can recommend that one as well.

To reach out to Lori, you can email her at thewayofpositivechange (at) gmail (dot) com. You can also visit her website:

I’m simply sharing the information as I become aware of it, so please reach out directly to the individual readers if you have questions specific to their tarot classes. You’ll find the list on my Favorite YouTube Readers page, and they usually have their contact information on their YouTube channels (on the “About” tab).

Why Take a Tarot Class?

For me personally, the decision was easy. I’ve always had “some” interest in tarot, but never really pursued it because I felt that I was too old to learn new tricks. Instead, I started watching YouTube readers and became quite curious as to how they were able to obtain the story from the cards. I pulled out a couple of decks that I’ve owned for 15-20 years but became a bit frustrated because their “by-the-book” messages frequently conflicted with the other cards.

By watching some of my favorite YouTube readers, I learned that you can ask any type of question. Tarot isn’t restricted to the esoteric and spiritual worlds. Sure, they can convey deep answers to questions related to individual spiritual topics, but they can also be snarky or teasing or wise-assy (I know – that’s not a word, but you get the idea).

When Johnie announced his beginner tarot class beginning in January 2022, I jumped at it. I did so partly because I felt it was time to explore my interest more deeply, and partly because I was already familiar with him and his reading style by watching him on his channel. I knew that he was very passionate about tarot and had been exercising his tarot muscles for quite some time. He wasn’t just throwing something together to make a quick buck.

By the time that first class officially ended, I was practicing my own readings and journaling my progress. Although I was already worlds ahead of where I had been before the class, I knew that I wanted to continue to pursue even more information from a different perspective.

Then Lori announced her beginner class. Again, I was already familiar with her because of YouTube so I knew that she had also invested a lot of time into study and actual practice. This class is still ongoing at the time I write this post, and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. She started out by focusing on the Celtic Cross (the most well-known of tarot spreads), and we are now going through the meanings of the cards. She does include some astrological and numerological information as she goes through the cards.

Both tarot classes are quite reasonably priced, especially when you consider that both Johnie and Lori include the more formal “instructional-type” classes as well as an additional weekly session dedicated to putting the information into practice with spreads, interpretations, and questions. The classes and practice sessions are interactive, so you are able to ask questions for additional clarification.

If this sounds like it would be interesting or helpful to you, I do encourage you to register for an upcoming tarot class. I will continue to post updates as they announce their upcoming class schedules. Please feel free to share this page with friends if you discuss tarot with them at all. I think it would be a fun thing to do as a group, so you can practice readings with (and for) each other.

If I can learn this, you can too!

Tarot Classes