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Autumn – Black & Orange Tarot & Astrology

Autumn does daily political tarot readings, 365 days a year, on her YouTube channel. She has also recently started to simultaneously stream to her Facebook and Twitter pages, so you can also watch her daily readings on either of those sites. I do encourage you to give her channel a thumbs-up in order to help in the YouTube algorithm. You can also subscribe to the channel so you receive notifications of her livestreams.

Autumn - Black & Orange Tarot & Astrology

Regardless of precisely how you tune in, please be aware that she does not do personal readings – they are political in nature only. She also doesn’t take questions from live chat, unless the question just happens to coincide with the current topic and is directly applicable.

As is the case with all of the readers that I follow – if you tend toward being politically conservative in nature, this is not the channel for you.

If you have a political question that you would like Autumn to answer for you, jump on to the livestream within an hour BEFORE its scheduled start time (so between 11:00 am and 12:00 pm Central Time) and drop your question into the chat. She may address the question on that same day, or it may be pushed out a day or two; however, that’s the only way to submit questions for her readings. And she’ll get to it. If multiple people ask a very similar question, she’ll roll them all into one for efficiency’s sake.

I do include her daily livestreams on my Calendar page, and I believe I set the calendar to automatically translate to your individual time zone. The livestream begins shortly after 12:00 noon Central Time – some days start later than others, but she always gets there. While you’re waiting for the event to start, I strongly recommend that you enjoy the lively and fun chat going on both before and during the stream itself. Hop on in and introduce yourself!

She does also occasionally participate in group livestreams with other readers. I’ve noticed that the larger groups tend to be for somebody’s birthday or for a fundraiser or a launch party, so keep an eye out for those types of events. They can be a bit chaotic if the group is large, but they’re always enjoyable.

After I had been watching Autumn for a while, I would periodically hear references to her “watch parties”. Honestly, I thought it was a rather strange concept, so I joined the first one with a bit of trepidation. I can confidently tell you that Autumn’s watch parties are the best thing since sliced bread thoroughly enjoyable! As she (and others in the chat) frequently says, it’s so nice to be able to watch some of these events while with friends. Whether we join to ask questions or get clarification or vent or cry or cheer – it’s always better with friends.

Actually, as she says at the end of each live stream: “You are not alone, we are in this together, and there are good days ahead.”

In addition to her noon livestreams (political readings), she also holds a daily session called Creative Sprints. It is held later in the day, and is a much smaller group. These sprints are two hours that are dedicated to whatever creative or positive work you are doing. It could be art, or writing, or cleaning out a closet, or organizing your sock drawer. There’s no limit – it’s simply putting positive energy out into the world, while getting projects accomplished and reaching personal goals. These are broken up into four “sprint” sessions, with brief breaks in between for stretching or hydrating or for group encouragement and feedback.

The final thing that I’d like to share about Autumn is that she has some adorable merchandise available on her Book Art Media page. Check it out!

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