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Affiliate Disclosure

I need to clearly explain that some of the hyperlinks on my site may be affiliate links. For example, I am an Amazon Associate, so I can potentially earn a small compensation amount from purchases that meet their internal requirements. I am also an affiliate for a few other online sellers, and hope to put together a list for disclosure purposes. So much to do, and so little time!

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How does an affiliate hyperlink affect you?

If you purchase a deck through a posted hyperlink (such as Amazon), I may receive a commission. It doesn’t mean that you are paying more for the item. That commission is simply built into the fees that the individual seller pays in order to list and sell their items on Amazon or similar sites.

As a side note, if you have watched many of my YouTube videos, you see that I do encourage people to do their research before making a purchase. I know that I was interested in a deck but was disappointed about the $180 asking price. A friend of mine suggested that I simply do a Google search of the deck title and author. That was the best possible advice. I was able to purchase the deck directly from the artist at about 1/3 of the asking price. So please do your research and be a responsible purchaser.

The other reason I encourage people to purchase directly from the artist is so that more of their proceeds go directly into their pockets rather than being paid out in selling fees.

Don’t get me wrong – I will be more than happy to share affiliate links, so that I have some income to help support my website.

However. During the pandemic, it became exceedingly important to me to help the small business owner. I deliberately shop from sites that belong to Ukrainian artists. I do my best to help other people at the same time that I’m trying to help myself. There is enough to go around.

To get back to the point of this page – I will most certainly include affiliate links on my website and in the descriptions of my YouTube videos. I do invite you to follow the links and do some price comparison shopping. Different sellers may have different sales going on, and I do want you to get the most “bang for your buck” as well as rewarding the artist/creator as much as possible.

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