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Jenn Lynn – Jenn Lynn Tarot

Jenn Lynn (Jenn Lynn Tarot) regularly participates in and hosts the regularly scheduled Sunday night group livestream events. She also joins in with the occasional fundraising event for various charities (and periodically hosts them on her YouTube channel). She frequently teams up with Jodi Roberts on her channel for Sacred Sounds of Coffee, so make sure that you check that out as well.

See the Calendar for regularly scheduled events.

Jenn Lynn (of Jenn Lynn Tarot)

Please visit her website, On it, you can schedule a reading, purchase a gift card (always a nice idea for that special someone), or check out the blog. I don’t know about you, but I always like to check out reviews, and you can see quite a few reviews on her website as well. She does readings either by telephone or by Skype, so you have your choice of either.

Important: If you do want to use Skype, make sure that you connect with her so that she has your Skype username. I can’t remember the exact language she has used to convey this on various livestreams, but it’s quite important since it directly impacts your ability to actually connect for the reading.

She uses a mixture of the tarot cards, listening to guides and her intuition to convey the messages that you (or we as the YouTube viewers) need to hear.

I am quoting information from her YouTube channel (Jenn Lynn Tarot) below:

Jenn Lynn is a Psychic Medium & Intuitive Healer, getting messages and insights from guides & departed loved ones.

She has over 39 years of professional experience reading tarot & over 27 years of experience as an intuitive energy healer. Jenn has studied under renowned teachers in the area of Metaphysics such as James Van Praagh, Brian Weiss, Barbara Brennan, and others.

At the age of 19 she opened to her spiritual journey through tarot, mediumship, energy healing, past life regression, automatic writing, shamanic journeying, and channeling her angels & guides.

Jenn’s methods of intuitive energy healing works with the physical body, astral body, emotional body, and spiritual body to align, balance, restore, and heal. She works with both humans & animals remotely or in person.

I’m always amazed with how fast she reads, but I’ve also heard her explaining that it’s because she’s been reading for so long. I watched a video where Jenn Lynn was a guest on Autumn’s channel (Black & Orange Tarot & Astrology), and Autumn was asking questions about Jenn Lynn’s reading process, method of laying out cards, and so on. If I find the link to that video, I’ll share it… but I also don’t want to divert your attention to the subject of this specific page.

She periodically uploads videos about topics other than tarot reading, so I encourage you to check those out as well.

Finally… KITTIES! Jenn Lynn is a fellow Crazy Cat Momma, although she took on a lot more than I’ve done. Her cat-buddy Artie crossed the Rainbow Bridge several months ago, so Jenn Lynn and Lucy (the remaining cat) were feeling rather lonely. So what would a crazy cat lady do? Adopt three baby kitties, of course. You read that correctly. Three. Babies.

They’ve grown quite a bit since them, but man – the energy they expended when they were younger. I’m surprised that Jenn’s omnipresent Christmas tree and her sheer curtains managed to survive the triple-kitten onslaught. She has some cat videos on her channel, so you can see the youngsters at various stages of growth. You can also see Lucy sedately exploring the garden in her halter and leash (for her own safety).

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