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Oracle Decks

This table should provide you with a fast and easy to filter for your desired topic within my YouTube “Show-and-Tell” videos, specifically related to oracle decks.

I’m sorting them by deck/book name, artist (or author) name, and the link to the show-and-tell video (if it exists).

If you don’t yet see live hyperlinks on a specific oracle deck, please be patient – if it’s listed below, I’m working on it. Some of the videos are already made, and I need to fine-tune some details before publishing them on YouTube.

I will update the table as I clear my “to-do” list.

Personally, I have been recently focusing on studying and working with tarot cards, but I do have quite a collection of oracle decks. I find that both types of cards have their specific purpose. I do plan to spend more time with both types of decks, but at the moment, I understand oracle cards to provide guidance and insight into an individual. The insight could be directed toward myself if intended to do so. Or they could provide insight into the motives and personality and humanity of another person for which you are reading.

I like to use these cards only for myself and am not yet comfortable using oracle cards for other people. I figure that the insight provided is meant to help me learn and grow as a person. That may change in the future as I continue to do the work.

I started my oracle card journey with various decks from Hay House. I still have them, but some of them have been left alone for quite some time.

Recently, I have been finding indie gems online or have purchased decks from some of my favorite YouTube readers (such as Toni from Shining Hawk Healing – if you haven’t checked out her oracle deck, I highly recommend that you do so… my YouTube video is here, and her website is here). It is called Morning Sky Shamanic Oracle Deck, and it is gorgeous! She did the artwork herself, rather than outsourcing it.

Another beautiful oracle deck is from a fellow tarot student. When I took a tarot class with her, I couldn’t help but notice all of the gorgeous artwork on the wall behind her. She created an oracle deck based on her artwork through the years. It is called the Make Room for Good Oracle Deck, and it can be found on at her Etsy shop (called MakeRoomForGood) here (I don’t believe that she has a stand-alone website, although I’ll post it here if I discover that she does). Absolutely stunning.

Make Room for Good Oracle Deck. Hyperlinked to Mary Ann’s Etsy shop.

I’ve also enjoyed searching for the artists’ own websites rather than purchasing on third-party websites. I feel that it is my responsibility to support the artist as much as possible, in an attempt to conserve as much of the purchase price for the artist themselves (as opposed to going out for fees and the cost of listing items).

Where possible, I make sure that I list all possible sources of purchasing these decks in my video descriptions. I obviously don’t have affiliate agreements with all of these artists – that would be impossible. However, I want to make sure that if a deck appeals to you, that you’ll have as much of the information as possible to make your own decision.

Along those lines, if you come across additional information about a deck or an artist, please feel free to share that information in the comments below the video. I want this to be an evolving resource for all of us – myself, you (the viewer and/or customer), and the artists themselves.

(If you’re looking for my listing of tarot decks, Lenormand decks, or kipper decks, check out the other pages on my website.)


Deck Name (Click for Blog Post)Author / ArtistAdditional Notes or YouTube Link
Althea OracleMarsensYouTube Video - Althea Oracle
Angel Dreams OracleDoreen Virtue, Melissa VirtueYouTube Video - Angel Dreams Oracle
Animal Dreaming OracleScott Alexander KingYouTube Video - Animal Dreaming Oracle
Ascended Masters OracleDoreen VirtueYouTube Video - Ascended Masters Oracle
Asgard OracleMantas Dav, Vytaute DavYouTube Video - Asgard Oracle
Ask Your Cat OracleYouTube Video - Ask Your Cat Oracle
Blooming Cat OracleJen BrownYouTube Video - Blooming Cat Oracle
Butterfly OracleDoreen VirtueYouTube Video - Butterfly Oracle
Celtic Spirit OracleNicola McIntoshYouTube Video - Celtic Spirit Oracle
Celtic Tree OracleColin Murray, Liz Murray, Vanessa CardYouTube Video - Celtic Tree Oracle
Chakra Insight OracleCaryn Sangster, Amy EdwardsYouTube Video - Chakra Insight Oracle
Chakra Magick OracleConscious Lotus CompanyYouTube Video - Chakra Magick Oracle
Chakra Reading OracleRachelle CharmanYouTube Video - Chakra Reading Oracle
Colour Goddess Casting CardsRenee BurchYouTube Video - Colour Goddess Casting Cards
Crystal OracleToni Carmine SalernoYouTube Video - Crystal Oracle
Dark Goddess OracleBarbara Meiklejohn-Free, Flavia Kate PetersYouTube Video - Dark Goddess Oracle
Divination of the Ancients OracleBarbara Meiklejohn-Free, Flavia Kate PetersYouTube Video - Divination of the Ancients
Dreamscape OracleMatt HughesYouTube Video - Dreamscape Oracle
Earth Magic OracleSteven FarmerYouTube Video - Earth Magic Oracle
Enchanted Map OracleColette Baron-ReidYouTube Video - Enchanted Map Oracle
Enchanted Spell OraclePriestess MoonYouTube Video - Enchanted Spell Oracle
Eternal Crystals OracleJade Sky, Jane MarinYouTube Video - Eternal Crystals Oracle
Everyday Witch OracleDeborah Blake, Elisabeth AlbaYouTube Video - Everyday Witch Oracle
Flower Therapy OracleDoreen Virtue, Robert ReevesYouTube Video - Flower Therapy Oracle
Forest Fae OracleNadia Turner, Rockpool PublishingYouTube Video - Forest Fae Oracle
Goddess Guidance OracleDoreen VirtueYouTube Video - Goddess Guidance Oracle
Hedgewitch Botanical OracleSiolo ThompsonYouTube Video - Hedgewitch Botanical Oracle
Isis OracleAlana FairchildYouTube Video - Isis Oracle
Kuan Yin OracleAlana FairchildYouTube Video - Kuan Yin Oracle
Magickal Botanical OracleMaxine Miller, Christopher PenczakYouTube Video - Magickal Botanical Oracle
Make Room for Good OracleMary Ann SekelyYouTube Video - Make Room for Good Oracle
Messages from Your Animal Spirit Guides OracleSteven FarmerYouTube Video - Messages From Your Animal Spirit Guides
Moonology OracleYasmin BolandYouTube Video - Moonology Oracle
Morning Sky Shamanic OracleToni Shining HawkYouTube Video - Morning Sky Shamanic Oracle
Mystical Wisdom OracleGaye Guthrie, Josephine WallYouTube Video - Mystical Wisdom Oracle
Native Spirit OracleDenise LinnYouTube Video - Native Spirit Tarot
Numerology Guidance OracleMichelle BuchananYouTube Video - Numerology Guidance Cards
Ogham Oracle CardsIbiza TarotYouTube Video - Ogham Oracle Cards
Ogham RunesEtsy: Greenwomancrafts -AND- Mythospheria (Shops)YouTube Video - Ogham Runes
Practical Magic OracleJoseph Benitez / GroundeByTheMoonYouTube Video - Practical Magic Oracle
Psychic Tarot for the Heart OracleJohn HollandYouTube Video - Psychic Tarot for the Heart
Psychic Tarot OracleJohn HollandYouTube Video - Psychic Tarot Oracle
ROAR OracleMJ CullinaneYouTube Video - ROAR Oracle
Shadowseeker OracleDanielle TrudeauYouTube Video - Shadowseeker Oracle
Shaman Wisdom CardsLeita RichessonYouTube Video - Shaman Wisdom Cards
Spirit Messages OracleJohn HollandYouTube Video - Spirit Messages Oracle
Spirits of the Hedgerow OracleNicole StoneYouTube Video - Spirits of the Hedgerow Oracle
Universal Wisdom OracleToni Carmine SalernoYouTube Video - Universal Wisdom Oracle
Whispers of Healing OracleAngela HartfieldYouTube Video - Whispers of Healing Oracle
Whispers of Love OracleAngela Hartfield, Josephine WallYouTube Video - Whispers of Love Oracle
White Light OracleAlana FairchildYouTube Video - White Light Oracle
Wisdom of Avalon OracleColette Baron-ReidYouTube Video - Wisdom of Avalon Oracle
Wisdom of the Hidden Realms OracleColette Baron-ReidYouTube Video - Wisdom of the Hidden Realms
Witches' Familiars OracleBarbara Meiklejohn-Free, Flavia Kate PetersYouTube Video - Witches' Familiars Oracle
Witches' Kitchen OracleBarbara Meiklejohn-Free, Flavia Kate PetersYouTube Video - Witches' Kitchen Oracle
Witches' Wisdom OracleBarbara Meiklejohn-Free, Flavia Kate PetersYouTube Video - Witches' Wisdom Oracle
Yggdrasil: Norse Divination CardsHaukur Halldorsson, G. HauksdottirYouTube Video - Yggdrasil: Norse Divination Cards
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