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Subscription Boxes

This page is dedicated to other items that I’d like to share, such as unboxing my monthly boxes.

Witches Moon Subscription Box

I receive a subscription from The Witches Moon each month, so that will likely be the primary focus of this page, with the door left open to sprinkle in other items that catch my fancy.

On the table below, I’ll include the month/year, and the link to the specific article (if applicable) on my blog page.

Next on my “wish list” is the Wheel of the Year box. I hope to start that one soon.

And just for “He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named”, I found a monthly treasure – called Mystic Tarot Box. You’re welcome.

I hope you enjoy!

Topic (Click for Article if Available)Month / Year / ThemeYouTube Video
Subscription Box - The Witches MoonMay 2022 - Secrets of the TarotSecrets of the Tarot (May 2022)