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Toni – Shining Hawk Healing

Toni (Shining Hawk Healing) is a regular host and participant on the regular Friday with Friends shows on YouTube, reading with both tarot cards and oracle cards. She also joins in the fun for other group livestreams. See the Calendar for details about regularly scheduled events.

She also frequently uploads video recordings containing readings and messages.

Toni is excited to announce that she has a brand-new oracle deck available for pre-order! You can place your order for this deck and for other items on her website: Shining Hawk Healing. (The Wheel Design: Shining Hawk Healing. Copyright 2021)

Shining Hawk Healing - Morning Sky Shamanic Oracle Deck

I made a recording of my very first time viewing the individual cards in the deck. You can find it on my YouTube channel here. My recent studies have been with tarot, so this is the very first oracle deck for which I created a YouTube video.

The Morning Sky Shamanic Oracle Deck doesn’t come with a book, but Toni has posted interpretations for each card on her website here. Personally, I plan to spend some time with the deck on my own, figuring how I resonate with each card. THEN I’ll visit her website and check out her intentions for each card.

I love watching Toni on livestreams. She gives off a very calm, balanced, soothing energy that is enjoyable and comfortable to be around. Her readings are gentle and illuminating and insightful. Then she randomly pops off with some hysterical or inappropriate comment that catches me off-guard and makes me laugh out loud.

It’s Always Toni“.

Back to the page here and the task at hand. Had a random “squirrel” moment there, thinking about her story about hiding from her grandmother. Thanks for sticking with me.

Information from the landing page on her website ( follows:

Experience and Professionalism

With 25 years of experience as a Shamanic Energy Healer and Reiki Master, my goal is to help each client find balance and harmony in their lives. 

My Mission

Being healthy is a journey.   It is my intention, as part of the Collective energy of this planet, to be a listening, observing, energetic conduit to what connects us all. Source energy.  

Shining Hawk Healing is committed to providing information and ideas about how one might find balance in life by using mindfulness, body awareness and spiritual practices. We offer non-traditional healing services and have a firm belief that a holistic approach to healing can go hand in hand with traditional medicine, NOT replace it.  If you have a medical emergency, please call your physician before contacting SHH.  OUR PURPOSE is to inform and entertain.  Our products are created to support and help in the overall well-being of every User.

I will copy and paste the information from her YouTube page below:

Hi there! My name is Toni. I am a Shamanic Reiki Master Teacher and I welcome you to this sacred space.

FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. As I am NOT a doctor, I recommend consultation with a licensed physician when dealing with any medical condition.

If you would like to contribute to this channel anything is appreciated:

May you walk in beauty, loving abundance and gratitude everyday.


The “About” page on her YouTube channel also contains information about her doggos! I have copied the blurb from her YouTube channel below (although I did have to embed the hyperlink for her YouTube channel dedicated to Goose and Luci, rather than have the lengthy link spelled out on the page):

Meet my new passion…my pups Luci and Goose! I wanted to share fun moments with them, so I created a channel just for that purpose!

Please do consider subscribing to both of her channels.

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