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Tarot Quick Reference Guide – Walkthrough Video – Check it Out!

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It took me some time to realize that I needed to post a video walk-through of my Tarot Quick Reference Guide (QRF), but here it is! 🙂

This Quick Reference Guide is available for instant download on my Etsy shop here.

This Tarot QRF started as a way for me to keep track of my own tarot notes as I took classes and read books. I’ll be honest – even though I read books, I had a hard time with the information actually “sticking” with me. I first started purchasing tarot decks and books when I lived in Denver (so earlier than 2005), but always seemed to get sidetracked from actually studying and learning.

Fortunately, I was able to take classes from a couple of tarot OG’s, who did take the time and put in the effort to learn from books. We live in a different world, and I’m so thankful for online (virtual) tarot classes! The two classes I’ve taken (so far) are from Johnie – Tarot’s Apprentice and Lori – The Way of Positive Change. Please see my schedule of upcoming tarot classes to find out what either of them is offering (at least as of the last information I’ve received, lol). They have different teaching styles, but both are exceptionally knowledgeable and are extremely interested in seeing their students absorb and apply the information they provide.

Trillium Tarot Quick Reference Guide

I did a YouTube video, showing a brief run-through of my Tarot Quick Reference Guide. It is quite brief, considering that it is 131 pages long at the point of the video, but I’m hopeful that it provides an overview of the hyperlinks, easy searchability (is that even a word???), and some additional topics included in the PDF document

This document started out as my own personal reference. I wanted to have an easy way to sort/filter through various card meanings as I was doing my daily practice readings. I did a 5-ish minute video to show how I record my daily readings – you can see that video on my channel here.

I started out with a basic Table of Contents for each card, consolidating my scribbled notes for each card. I may be the only one like this (well okay, maybe not), but when I’m taking a class, I always have my head down and am scribbling notes. It’s always a 50-50 (or less) crap shoot whether I can actually decipher my notes at a later date when I actually want to access the information.

Thank all the gods for computers and for hyperlinking.

When I say that the Tarot Quick Reference Document is 131 pages, I mean that it’s 131 pages of information – the title pages and the Table of Contents don’t count. If you want the “actual” count of pages, it’s 137 pages, including those sections I just mentioned.

The information was an initial compilation of information from Johnie’s class. And then I took Lori’s class, so I added the extra information I gleaned there.

As a result, you may see the same phrase repeated in certain sections. My initial instinct was to edit the doc so that the word count was more efficient, but then I decided that the information was important. There was a reason why the specific phrases were duplicated, so I needed to pay attention to it (and you may need to pay attention to it as well).

After the separate cards, then I go through some information about symbolism, meanings of numbers, and some additional information about court cards.

I briefly touch on health meanings, although I know that a lot of readers prefer not to do health readings. That gets way too personal and intimate, and can be considered to be beyond the boundaries of simple privacy. However, the information is there if you choose to utilize it.

I include information about Yes/No/Maybe cards, in case you’re doing a more simple reading, and I also include a section on seasons and timing. In this case, I have two separate sections – what I learned from Johnie, and my own personal preference (based on studies I had undertaken before taking any tarot classes).

Finally, I wrap up with a “References and Sources” section, which includes hyperlinks to items on Amazon. Please be aware that I do receive a small commission from Amazon if you make a purchase through one of my links – I think that I earn about 40 or 50 cents if you spend $20-25. That doesn’t mean that you spend more for the item – it’s built into the seller cost of posting the specific item.

Please do provide me with feedback on the Tarot Quick Reference Document – I just received my first Etsy feedback ever! This is meant to be a living, breathing, usable tool. I’m not committing to doing regular monthly or quarterly updates, so please don’t interpret it as such. However, no book or teacher is completely infallible. When you are starting out (as I am), it’s nice to have a tool to trigger that thought process. To remind you of “this” keyword or “that” concept.

It really is about what works best for you, in order to make the association and tell the story. And remember – the cards tell you what is likely to happen if the energies remain the same. The result can be changed, if you change the energy and the situation.

I hope you enjoy the document!