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Quick Reference Document

After my initial tarot class, I decided to consolidate my handwritten scribbles into a usable and organized document. My initial goal was to create a PDF for my own personal use. It is hyperlinked and easily navigable from one section to the other and allows me to get to specific cards within just a couple of clicks.

I decided to share it with my classmates in the tarot class, and they were very receptive to it. Another friend suggested that it would be excellent to post and sell as a downloadable PDF. That led me to create my Trillium Tarot Etsy shop.

I created a brief video walk-through of the Quick Reference Document, so you can see how it’s put together and how it works.

YouTube player

I posted a video on my YouTube channel, showing how easy it is to navigate through the electronic version of the document. Personally, I printed a hard copy and took it to my local print shop (FedEx) to have it spiral-bound, with a black plastic cover on the back and a clear plastic cover on the front. I haven’t referred to it very much during my practice readings, but that’s because I usually do them at my desk where I have the quick reference PDF open on my laptop at the same time.

I’d like to give you an overview of what I included in this document.

First of all, it’s electronic – you can use it on your traditional computer, your tablet device, or your smartphone.

I included a couple of QR codes, which seem to be the “thing to do” in today’s post-pandemic era. I decided to include two different versions of the code.

Let’s pretend that you are showing this document to a friend of yours, who loves it. The QR code on the title page will direct them to my full website, where your friend will be able to explore loads of information about tarot and other forms of divination. The QR code on the second page will take them directly to my Etsy shop, in the event that they would like to purchase their own version of the document.

The Table of Contents is hyperlinked, so it’s incredibly easy to make that initial jump to your desired topic. That may be a specific card, a quick explanation of some of the symbolism on cards, information about court cards, practice questions to use while doing readings, etc.

As you are within the document itself, you can similarly navigate by using the hyperlinks in the footer of each page.

For example – I’ve been working on mastering the Celtic Cross spread, so I have ten cards laid out. As you can see on my YouTube video about my process for journaling my reads, I jot the cards down in order so I can recreate the spread later if I’d like to spend more time studying it. The navigation links make it easy to jump between cards quickly as I’m in the middle of the actual interpretation of a spread.

As you know from my Upcoming Classes page, some of my favorite YouTube readers do offer online tarot classes. I’ve taken classes from both Johnie and Lori and found both to be very helpful. Not only do they include the information about the cards themselves, but they both also incorporate practice in how to interpret the cards during a reading.

I mentioned all that to let you know that I included some take-aways from the class sessions in this Quick Reference Document. I include information about card numbers, a list of yes/no/maybe cards, and much more. I wrap up the document by including a list of references that I used when I did my own research and added my own notes to the document.

If you’d like to provide feedback or suggestions about what I could possibly clarify or include in an updated future version of the document, feel free to drop me a line on my Contact Page.

Happy reading!

Trillium Tarot Etsy Shop - Quick Reference Guide