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New Marchetti Deck (Lustrous Lenormand) Incoming!

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Hi, everybody – new deck alert (Lustrous Lenormand, by Ciro Marchetti)!

I’ve been working on recording quite a few videos to my YouTube channel and have neglected the blog postings. However, I have managed to stay on top of my easy-reference page – to see what other Lenormand decks are on my YouTube channel, visit the Lenormand page here (scroll down to see the entire table).

Big news (at least I think it’s big news) – there is a new Ciro Marchetti deck coming out! It’s a Lenormand deck, and it is set for release on November 8, 2022. You can pre-order it on Amazon or on Book Depository. As I find more links, I’ll certainly update the post and share them.

I’m already editing this post.

I did some more digging online, and it looks like Mr. Marchetti had previously released “Sui Generis Lenormand” (per information on his website here).

This project includes the additional cards that I created for my previous deck, the Gilded Reverie Lenormand.


His link above does include a video walkthrough of the cards in the Sui Generis Lenormand deck.

Moving back to my initial post about the deck being released to mass market now.

Lustrous Lenormand (by Ciro Marchetti)

This is the only image I could find, and I love the fact that it includes some sample cards as well as the box itself. I’ve grown accustomed to Mr. Marchetti’s usage of “mechanisms” in his decks, so this is a really “fresh” look for me. I love the fact that it looks like an older style of artwork.

This deck does include the playing card inset along with the image. I want to dig more deeply into Lenormand studies, but the bit of learning I’ve done so far indicates that those playing card correspondences are quite important. I know that Becca incorporates those meanings in her Grand Tableaus as well.

I absolutely love the correspondences and symbolism on cards, and I find the above images to be interesting. When the deck arrives, I’ll be curious to see whether every Clubs card (like the Mice card) has acorns in the bottom corners, or whether every Diamond card (like the Fish card) has cups in the bottom corners. The Rider card in the image shows the Nine of Hearts, so that one makes sense to me as far as the hearts in the bottom corners. It’s theoretically possible that the corner images have nothing to do with the suit of the inset card, but I find it hard to believe that Mr. Marchetti would include anything that didn’t have a specific meaning behind it.

For additional information about the deck itself, I’ll quote from the description on two websites (Amazon and Book Depository) below. Most of the language is the same, but there are a couple of differences in the detail of the text – specifically as it relates to the “extra cards”.

Lustrous Lenormand (Info on Amazon):

Pre-order Price Guarantee. 

Bask in the Radiance of Marchetti’s Lenormand

Bursting with exquisite color and detail, this forty-seven-card deck will answer all your questions and inspire your practice. Lustrous Lenormand is faithful to traditional card imagery, but each one is emboldened by Ciro Marchetti’s award-winning style. In addition to old favorites like Rider, Ship, and Bear, you’ll also find eleven new and reimagined cards that provide additional perspective, context, and clarity. Bridge suggests a more direct connection between cards, Well asks you to dig into the deeper significance of a reading, and Masks indicates you may need to act outside your usual self. Featuring a companion book by Toni Savory, this deck helps you go further than ever with your divination.

Lustrous Lenormand (Info on Book Depository):

Bask in the Radiance of Marchetti’s Lenormand. Bursting with exquisite color, detail, and symbolism, this 47-card Lenormand deck will answer your questions and inspire your practice. Lustrous Lenormand is faithful to traditional card imagery, but each one is emboldened with Ciro Marchetti’s award-winning style. In addition to old favorites like Rider, Ship, and Bear, you’ll also find eleven new and re-imagined cards like Maze, Mask, and Lens. Featuring a companion booklet by Toni Savory, this deck is a must-have for your collection.

Pre-order, my friends! 🙂