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Tips: Card Sizes, Sticky Cards, and Journaling

Last weekend, I posted three YouTube videos on my Trillium Tarot channel, with some basic tips about cards that I’ve picked up so far during my studies. Then I got completely sidelined by yard work, since the weather has been so beautiful lately!

All three of the videos are designed for beginners (like me). I’ll embed the individual YouTube videos after each description. It’s early days for me with video, so my “set” will likely change in the future.

My first video was about the different sizes of cards that you may come across as you are shopping for tarot or lenormand decks.

I got all fancy with arts and crafts, and created examples of a mini deck, pocket-sized deck, traditional-sized deck, indie deck, oversized deck, and a regular playing card deck – and compared them to my sample of a “one BILLION dollar” bill. Yep, I know it’s pretty goofy, but it’s a good visual.

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My second video had to do with sticky decks of cards.

You know what I mean – those that are rather difficult to shuffle because the finish makes the cards act clumpy. I made an attempt at making them more slippery by using regular bath powder. At first, it worked like a dream. But now that it’s warming up, the windows are open, and the air is more humid, I may need to re-powder the cards. I think my next trial will be with cornstarch.

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My third video was an illustration of my daily reads and how I journal them for reference later.

I found it rather entertaining to review my progress over the past four months or so, and I hope you’ll find something helpful in this video. I’m sure my process will change again in the future, but that’s okay. I’m learning by trial and error. P.S. I just realized that YouTube has started slapping commercials on my videos. That’s rather unexpected.

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As always, if you have ideas for future posts or videos, please feel free to drop me a line on my Contact Page. Keep in mind that this site is beginner-oriented, but if I can run with an idea, I’ll definitely do so. Thanks for reading!

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